vendredi 16 août 2013

And thats why you should leave ...

I was inspired from several stories to write this article , stories about guys who take their girls for granted ,and it makes me wonder why girls should wait for them to change or to make a serious move ?

I wil start with a quote by Mike Litman , explainig how time wont wait for anybody :

As you're reading this, your life's getting shorter. Its ticking away. I'm not saying this to frighten you. Or even scare you. Though it may. I'm saying this to awaken you. To inspire you. To rise you out of your deep slumber. To really know you wont live forever. To share your unique gifts. To ignite your great inner fire. To ignite your great inner strength. To ignite your great inner light. To shine. Brightly shine. To awaken your great inner beauty. To motivate. Yourself and others. To love. Yourself and others. To paint. To write. To teach. To innovate. To sing. To dance. To care. To feel. To listen. To learn. To laugh. The clocks ticking. The world needs you. Make your move.

Yes eventually Time wont wait for you , so dont wait for anybody , cause if that somebody loves you he wont make you wait , he will want to share everything with you .

Why girls accept

callousness, narcissism, impulsivity and other antisocial traits in a guy . Why they keep creating all kind of excuses for him ! I know hundred of girls that would ignore every advice giving by her bestfriends , go blind about real facts seen by others , just to be with the guy she loves !
I find it stupide to be the only one who compromises in the relationship ! It should be a mutual relation with two sides ,two people, who care for each other , and exchange everything , even more SHARE everything , find a mutual solution that help both of them ! why you should be the only one who sacrifices , trying fix this and that ! who runs the world ? Dont you think is girls. so step aside and follow the great women that make a change dont be that sad girl in the corner in the pourring rain , crying !!!! do you remember Adele's both album's 19 and 21, and her huge heartbreak that make her write the most beautiful songs in this century??!! she kept falling for a guy who didnt appreciate her ! she kept wining and waiting until he broke her good heart . Of course , every experience has its fruits , you will definitely learn from pain and struggles , at least it makes u stronger . If she didnt move on the way she did , she would probably been trapped in the past like my poor Amy winehouse , mercy on her soul .
Girls ...don't chase pavements , made up your mind , be stronger , and move on when u feel that you are not appreciated by the person you love .

You dont need to be the final option on his list , you dont need to feel like a burden , you dont need him to make you feel like you are lucky to be with him ! You are much more than that , you are not the last choice , you are not in the final position , after his family , studies , work , super car , friends , objectives ...If you are not the first a,d the most importantthing in his life leaaaaaave !
Dont wait for him to change cause after getting that job he wants , he will ask for another one , and after the other one , he will spend all his money on his favourite activities ( sport music project studies ..) and after that it will be travel plans , and after that he will find others things , you gonna always stay in the back of his "wish list" ! If you are not the one and only ...leaaaaaaaaaave ! If materialistic things are more importing for him from being with you leaaaaaaaaave ! If he cares for other persons more than you leaaaaaaave !If he breaks up with you for months then try to have you back when he is bored leaaaaaaaave ! This are some signals to leave... dont be blind , dont ignore them , dont live that kind of " destructive love " you are much better than that.
Baby just leave , God has his mysterious way , he will take care of everything , he will take care of people who hurt you , who make you feel inferior , who make you feel that you dont worth it , who make you feel that you are the last , dont ever stop your faith he will lead you ! If you feel uncomfortable , in pain all the time LEAVE.leave for tha sake of your sanity , leave for the sake of people that supports you all the time , leave to be a better person for you and for those who really loves you . Love yourself and LEAVE .

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