dimanche 14 avril 2013

Reading in Morocco -the sad mythology-

We all heard lately about the "imaginary" little library that will be available in Casa Tramway , a smart move  to spur the culture of reading in Morocco.

I find that idea funny actually: in a country that have an outrageous problem of illiteracy.. in a country where the educational system is a failure.It is so obvious that this generation is less literate and educated than the one before.

We are going backward, I feel so much pain that I'm being so pessimistic about any kind of international contest , always afraid that we would end up as an 'also-ran'.

I'm not here to criticise the government , or to blame the political bodies , i guess its not the only reason why Moroccan people have no interest in reading ...nowadays Morocco is one of the most active countries on internet but unfortunately they don't use it for uploading the millions of books available for free ...they just use it for facebook , twitter and hacking programs. 

but I'm not criticising my hometown buddies either , because reading is a culture , and we don't have that culture . Some will say that we as "young ambitious patriotics" should do more efforts to make that culture grow ,  something such as "reading book clubs" , or" reading workshops for little children" ( maybe our little siblings or neighbors)  . I guess that we should do more than that ...more more more than that to establish and develop that kind of culture in the new generation in order to not be battered and lost as we are. I'm just wondering how a little kid will learn to read if he sees no member of his family reading , if he has no library in his school , if all the shows he sees in Tv are about music contests or lame drama . Please can you correct me if I'm wrong : 3mrkoum chftou chi scene f chi film mghribi wla mousalsal mswera f chi mktaba ??

I envy Americans , really they have libraries even in their prisons , who can forget the library scene from the shawshank redemption , or the scene of following Joe Doe in se7en , or the marvelous Beast library in my favourite Cartoon movie Beauty and the Beast...and hundreds more .

A culture, broadly speaking, is an integrated pattern of behavior, practices, beliefs, and knowledge. These constitute the operating rules by which people organize themselves. Though all members of a culture do not do exactly the same things,play the same roles, or understand their culture in precisely the same ways, they do all participate and thereby create and maintain the basic rules of the culture. with young people behavior nowadays , and don't make me mention our superheroes "hooligans" that like to maintain the beauty of the city , I don't think that the culture of reading is a project that will be successful any sooner . I dont wanna talk about practice , I mean where would you practice reading ?..in hateful full bus's , or noisy public places , the most important question : finahoua niveau? and I'm not the only one that have reservations about education in Morocco, I'll give one known example "le prasson". 

And talking about Beliefs , moroccan beliefs, we still believe in super powers of "chwaffate" and "fo9ha" , we still believe that olive oil is good for all kind of illnesses,  we still believe that Europe is the promised land and the illegal immigration is the key for happiness and fortune ,we still believe that Morocco is a semi-peaceful country (politically speaking) because of local Marijuana ...with such beliefs , I don't think that we have brains ready for the reading culture ....still crossing my fingers , hoping that with  little knowledge we get from google and Wikipedia we will finally understand the importance of reading ...until then read people , please read ...allah yr7em biha lwalidin lama9raw ha3ar lmimma l3ziza.

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