vendredi 31 mai 2013

Destructivness of lost love

Do you remember your first kiss? do you remember your first love first kiss ? then you remember for sure the magical best kiss you had once upon a time , in a very special place within a special moment .

I guess that you remember at least something ...or may be you are from those who hates love, may be you never knew love ; or just that sometimes love hurts. And love can be deceiving . Love can also make you make bad choices when you've been blinded with it. Love can make you act a certain way that you usually aren't. It's hard to find love that is true and pure. Plus love is so over used in the most horrid circumstances that it sometimes seems like a veil word to you. And the list goes on. I don't hate love though. I guess that even when it hurts you become stronger ...dont you ! i feel like Chuck Norris right now ...
Nevermind , our main subject is "the first magical kiss" , i mean im the kind of person that loves to record everything . to explain: i try to memorize everything about my special moment , the picture in my head , the smells , the place , the voices ...i want a perfect documentation , i want a phoenixlike video in my head . I asked some people about their first magical kiss , some said it was in elementary school , some said its was in house , some on the beach , some in an elevator . people can be weird when they feel a light romance . they feel like wanting to incarnate some bollywood actor from the 70's . the best story i heard , a 23 years old girl that have been in love with her best friend . she knew that she loves him since the biginning .she was hurt with every story he told her about his girlfriend , she felt like killing every girl he goes out with , and god knows how much she became so angry when she felt that some girl would take him away from her .

One day he invites a girl , her best friend to a date . She had enough from waiting for him ,and tried to move on . she stopped talking to him , but then he got moved by her absence . to cut story short they met after a brief absence , they loved each other silently and slowly . One day they were out , at 10 pm he droves her back home , leaves her near her house , then come back after 15 min and ask her if she can go outside , he wants to tell her something important. She was confused and nervous but she said ok , she went outside in her pyjamas , and they went to a calm dark place to talk , but he couldnt say a word. the girl asks him to take her back home . on the way back he stopped in the middle of the road and he kissed her .

i wish i could tell you they have lived happily ever after , but i know that they broke up . and she hates him now .

Love and hate are intimately linked within the human brain, according to a study that has discovered the biological basis for the two most intense emotions.

Scientists studying the physical nature of hate have found that some of the nervous circuits in the brain responsible for it are the same as those that are used during the feeling of romantic love – although love and hate appear to be polar opposites.Hate is often considered to be an evil passion that should, in a better world, be tamed, controlled and eradicated. Yet to the biologist, hate is a passion that is of equal interest to love...
i guess that between love and hate ,there is just alittle misunderstanding , and lack of patience , unability to feel others sorrow and pain , and vicious attitudes .
may be between love and hate , there is bitches and douchbags , there is liar and imposters , there is good intentions vs bad ones .between Love and hate , some one cold who drives someone on fire to insanity . Joey Adams said : Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.

 So I guess you need to love who deserve you , dont drag yourself into unworthy relationships , we the someone who cant appreciate your love , you should know your worth and that you deserve the best because you love genuinly and unconditionally ...and a kiss could not fix the problemes anymore , then you should move on.
a piece of advice : love the person not for "who he is" , "his external beauty" , "his qualities" , "his job" , "his talents" or whatever the reason , but because of who you are when you are with him , so if you are happy "he is the right guy" , if its not honey , dont wait cause someday he can just kiss you in your forhead and tell its over , or just tell you that he cant do this nomore , or may be just vanish without any word . 

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