jeudi 9 août 2012

The man who sold me

Once upon a time, like all girls on this earth, loving for the first time, i trusted a man. This man sold me in 6 nights, I think I was too easy to replace .
Foolish of me to think that I was his world ,  I found out that he was making confidential all my love declaration , just to please others he just met .
Making them think that he was the poor guy hurt by a girl, looking for an arm to hold him and save him. Lot of this girls bought that story !!
Foolish of me , to think that my calls and my texts will make him remember the  softness and pureness of what we had .
Foolish of me to torture myself day and night, thinking I was the problem, how could be the problem and he is the one selling me for 6 dimes and be with others ! I wasn't really that much important to him, that he couldn't even morn on us.
Stick in his illusion, in the shadows of mistakes I have done, he couldn't face his lies and his failures. He couldn't even say sorry about all this stuff he does behind my back.
When I did him wrong, I apologized a hundred times, when he did me wrong he shot the door in my face and made the past his defense.
I suppose that this is his way to revenge! So insecure that he couldn't trust in us anymore!
After 6 nights, he makes himself the man of someone else! I can't believe his emptiness.
I have never called him incognito, always make it clear that it's me and I want to talk with him. Since he has lot of little stories and his number is widely shared out, he must be receiving lot of unknown calls! It's definitly not me , never make an unknown phone call and i will never do  that ! I love in light not behind the shadows. Not even his shadow.
I was the first one to call; I was really wishing to maintain my happiness!  He knows that I rather fight with him than laugh with others.
Until last night I was sure that nothing could makes us apart! Not anymore! He don't belong to me! We don't belong together!
I just wish that he would one day stop blaming me and take responsibility of his mistakes too , he won't allow anyone to blame him ! no one is perfect ! I wish he could stop blaming me for the same mistakes he is doing, a mistakes that are much worst.
I wish he could remember that I forgot and forgave much worst!  And that I had lost a lot because of him! I lost my family, my social life, and my friends! But he couldn't get enough! He said that he had done lot to me! what is the proof?the fact that he is talking so much about his unproved sacrifices makes him look like a a stupide guy lying and lying again .
Time to hold my tiny green  mini-cooper and dream about the roads that i will never take ! and cry in silence ! shut dont you rise your voice , he is gonna wake up .

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