mardi 31 juillet 2012


  1. A girl will always, always, always find out if you lie, so don’t do it.
  2. We don’t like talking dirty as much as you like hearing it.
  3. We aren’t as open about what we do in private as you are so don’t ask.
  4. Don’t ask a girl about her weight, she’ll freak out.
  5. Beware of every single male relative and all guy friends. Any of them would kick your butt if you hurt her.
  6. Don’t be afraid to touch them if you want to. If they’re going out with you in the first place, it’s because they like being in your arms.
  7. A girl will do almost ANYTHING to bring your name up in a conversation.
  8. Girls always talk about guys, like, ALWAYS. So don’t even think about cheating, because we will find out.
  9. We don’t like being called sexy or hot. Calling us beautiful will always score you more points.
  10. PMS: It really does make us feel like s**t, so don’t be grossed out by it because then it just makes us feel worse about ourselves.
  11. We want to be with you. It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter when, we just want to be with you.
  12. If you kiss us in front of your friends, jackpot.girl's facts
  13. If we slap you, you deserved it.
  14. Most of us don’t mind paying half of everything, but we do discuss these things with our friends. Realize that if you make your girlfriend pay half all the time, everyone will know about it and your friends will know you’re a pussy. Do you honestly need all your money that much? Be a man, pay all the time!
  15. A girl should always get three things from her boyfriend during the period of the relationship: 1) a stuffed animal; 2) a sweatshirt of his; 3) a ring or a necklace, no matter how serious the relationship is.
  16. If a guy is bothering us and we tell you. It’s not because were trying to piss you off, its because we’re scared and want you to protect us.
  17. When she texts you late at night, it’s because she can’t get you out of her head.
  18. We’re very jealous, so if your talking to your girl friend ( friend that is a girl) , pull your actual girlfriend closer to you, to make her feel more important.
  19. When she’s mad at you, kiss her.
  20. When she’s not mad at you, kiss her.
  21. When she’s upset, kiss her.
  22. DO NOT flirt with our friends or relatives, even jokingly. It pisses us off.
  23. Guys that smell good = hot. O
  24. Whatever you do, don’t just show up at their house…we run around in our underwear just like what you guys do.
  25. When she’s upset and she puts her head on your shoulder, she wants you to put your arm around her and tell her everthing is gonna be okay.
  26. When a girl bites her lip, she wants you to kiss her.
  27. Don’t beat around the bush. If you want to know something, just ask us. If we don’t tell you, then we don’t want you to know.
  28. When she asks you what she should wear, its because she want you to think about her looking cute.
  29. Girls like wearing sweats more then tight jeans and little tees.
  30. Cute love letters, flowers, and surprise hugs will always score you major points.
  31. No matter how much of a bitch she may be, you HAVE to be nice to her best friend(s) because they are going to know your relationship inside and out.
  32. If you’re officially dating, and you’re introducing her to your friends, you’d better damn well introduce her as your girlfriend.
  33. When we complain about something hurting, we really mean touch me here.
  34. Girls love when you play with their hair and touch their face. It most definitely will make a girl blush and smile.
  35. It’s hard for us to trust people, but once we trust you. we honestly and truly trust you.
  36. Don’t stress where you go for every date. They really only want to be with you.
  37. Memorize their god damn birthdays. You forget her birthday and you’re basically screwed for life.
  38. If you think the relationship isn’t going to last, don’t wait to find out. It will only hurt you more if you draw it out.
  39. Girls are fragile. Even if you’re play fighting/wrestling, be very gentle.
  40. Don’t give her something stupid for her birthday or Christmas or Valentine’s day. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be meaningful. Jewelry is always nice.
  41. Make sure she gets home safely as often as you can. If you’re dropping her off, walk her to the door. If you aren’t dropping her off, call to be sure she’s home safely.
  42. You’re dead meat if you can’t get along with their pets, parents, and best friends. Be prince charming to their friends, Mr. Polite to their parents, and make sure to be nice to their animals.
  43. If you don’t sleep with them, do not tell your friends that you did. If you DO sleep with them, don’t tell your friends that you did.
  44. Girls are born crybabies.
  45. Don’t marinade the cologne, but smell good.
  46. You can be dirty minded in private, really…most of them are not offended by it.
  47. Not all of them eat like birds, a lot of them can eat like whales.
  48. Go to a chick flick once in a while. She doesn’t care whether you enjoy it or not, it just matters that you went.
  49. Never miss an opportunity to tell them they’re beautiful.
  50. After you’ve been dating for a while, realize that they really have started to trust you. When you have a girlfriend who truly trusts you, you have a lot more responsibility, privilege and control than you would think. Be careful with it, most guys would kill for that kind of power, and it can be lost in a second

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  1. all ready done , what should do i else?

  2. read my other articles ...and enjoy my blog .

  3. done, what should i do else?

  4. im to young , and im not ready yet , and im a homo , :p sorry

  5. so you know what should you do else ? revaluate you life and think if you really need to live a pervers life ! ill pray for you today :)

  6. sb7an llah ch7al bayna hdertou :/



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