vendredi 13 juin 2014

YOLO : you only love once

They said that love changes over the time , scientifically it last 3 years , either you refresh it and it continues on new bases as you keep falling in love all over again , or people just lose interest in their love ones .
I believe that we can only fall in love once. I don't know, maybe I am just a little naive cause I am still young, but I really do think that you can only fall in love one time. Love is such a special thing, and if you can fall in love more than 10 times then what is so special about it?
So do you believe we can only fall in love once or more than once?

And What happens if the person you love stops loving you? love is sweet , love is bitter , love is generous , love is possessive,love come with pain ,it could be a bit challenging to read for someone who had, for one reason or another, their love rejected, or lost their loved one. Life and relationships are complex. If you don't have the ability to be resilient and to pick up the pieces and start over again, you may find life to be a pretty harsh and unforgiving place.
All that said, if you are one of the lucky ones, be grateful. And if you are not, be grateful anyways for the ability to reset the love meter.

but i still think that you only love once and all the others are just alternatives , to fill the empty spaces .
I still think that your heart beats only for one person , you love him with all his flaws , you consider everything as a bliss even the wrong and bad ones , you just appreciate every gesture even a bedtime story , love every expression even the silence, you adore his eyes glance , his mouth movement , his body allure ,his halo catch your breath , and his voice chill your ears , you just love him more than what you normally can handle, more than the pain ,the distance , even while you are rejected you ears don't hear "I don't love you no more" your mind don't accept it , and your heart would never believe it . you just feel like a flower discovered in the middle of some garden, bored , then someone picked you , you , not another flower , just you , you felt special, proud, you are the princess of his heart , he will put you in the vase of his heart , you feel like home between his hands, you are happy  as long as you are perfuming his air. you were blindly happy , you couldn't see the truth , you've been consumed every day ,and with every sunrise of happiness , there was a night of fears and darkness , you died more every day passing , you were like a fool  thinking that someday you'll be sealed forever in the wonderland of your prince charming . there was no wonderland , not even a magic one , the land was so dry that your flower would never blossom there .
I know that I'm dramatizing the rejection , but it can be so sad and painful, because the flower would even change her color , her perfume , her nature , love can make wonders , it makes people mutate , it can make u an alien if your love is a spaceship , it can make you a bird , if your love is the wings . when you lose something that matters to you that much , you feel like you lost a part of you , like your soul want to leave your body , you feel so weird and lonely inside . Just have some faith , life can't be that much worse , you felt love real love , some people will never know what it feels like to lose your mind for someone , to fight sleep over late phone calls  at least  you felt that you belonged to someone someday , you just found what can complete your existence , what make sense and have meaning to your existence , just be happy and grateful that someday you felt like you are inside your mother again while you were in their arms, that great warm safe feeling , that if they ask you to write what do you like about that person , you'll write one word "everything" is so weird , if it doesn't kill you it changes you , and if not meant to be , don't cry  it just that the time of your happy ending didn't come yet  . Stay strong , have faith , keep your pride cause you deserve the best .

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