mercredi 19 septembre 2012

how are you feeling today?

Between the emotions, the feeling and the passion there is time, devotion and steadiness.
Lot of people feel incapable of expressing themselves, much more they feel unable to know what they really want; what they really like, what they really need. I know that some things can’t be explained, and we don’t need to have exact details about it, feelings are not like doesn’t need drawings, reservations and data points. It can’t be planned. Not even expected.
But I believe after some point, due to our experience in life, we can shape our choices, we can easily know what to pick and what makes us feel good. We become more familiar about possibilities of selection. At least we know to make difference between emotions, feelings and passion. That makes us stronger and aware about our priorities.
 For example:
1* I know that my love for chocolate is an emotion not a feeling because it last for those minute I take to eat it. And then I’m satisfied until I found myself in need for it once again.
2* I know that   the love of happiness is a feeling cause it is a continuous feeling, it lasts for days, months, maybe years.
3* I know that music is a passion cause I just can’t get enough .from the first day I’ve been introduce to this sound of life I can’t stop , day and night , when I’m happy , when I’m feeling down, when I’m bored.
Love drives my music, music steers my love, the maps are the instruments, and the art of sound is my guidance.
 To be passionate about something means that you are totally involved and devoted. It means that you really believe and that really gives you satisfactory feelings …but then we can come across this confusion between the emotion and feelings , I am passionate about music in general but some pieces make me emotional and others make me feel them deeply .
And this is the difference between feelings and emotions:

Feelings tell us “how to live.”
Emotions tell us what we “like” and “dislike.”
Feelings state:”There is a right and wrong way to be.“
Emotions state:”There are good and bad actions.”
Feelings state:“your emotions matter.”
Emotions state:”The external world matters.”
Feelings establish our long term attitude toward reality.
Emotions establish our initial attitude toward reality.
Feelings alert us to anticipated dangers and prepares us for action.
Emotion alert us to immediate dangers and prepares us for action
Feelings ensure long-term survival of self. (body and mind.)
Emotions ensure immediate survival of self. (body and mind.)
Feelings are Low-key but Sustainable.
Emotions are Intense but Temporary.
Happiness: is a feeling.
Joy: is an emotion.
Worry: is a feeling.
Fear: is an emotion.
Contentment: is a feeling.
Enthusiasm: is an emotion.
Bitterness: is a feeling.
Anger: is an emotion.
Love: is a feeling.
Lust: is an emotion.
Depression: is a feeling.
Sadness: is an emotion

 it is not easy to find out those things , it needs an effort , it needs to really take care of ourselve and try to understand our soul . it needs to hardly try to build a strong personality .

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